Card of the day – The Emperor

Good morning my beautiful brothers and sisters. Today is a new day and I wanted to share the focus card I pulled for the day.

Today is all about harnessing the energy of the Emperor.

The Key Concepts for this card are; Leadership, Structure, Foundation, Endurance, Authority, Father Figures, Rules, Routines, Order and Masculinity.

Isn’t it great that these themes have arrived to advise us today?

Every one of us is in a role of leadership. What role of Leadership are you in right now? How are you excelling in this roll and where do you need to improve?

Oh Structure how I wish I could master thee. Structure and routines have always been a challenge for me. How are your routines helping you and how may they be hindering you? Where are do you need more structure and where do you need less?

Each of us has a foundation, some of us have firm foundations and others have sandy foundations. Each foundation shapes and effects every decision we make. It is like writing the English alphabet; you have to be able to draw a line and a circle to be able to write in English. In American Sign Language it is similar because you have to know the basic hand shaped to be able to hold a conversation. It is time to for a foundation inspection, look at your core foundations and the foundations of your projects. Does your foundation need some work? Do you need to jack it up and lay a new one or do you just need to repair a few spots? Are your thoughts and beliefs in line with your actions and desires?


images (1)
Authority… We love it, we hate it we need it and we rebel against it. A strong father figure, is one source of authority, so are societal rules and mores. Each of us was raised in a different culture; our immediate home is its own specific culture with its own rules and traditions. That culture develops as we enter into each larger social circle and with each expansion the “acceptable” behaviors narrows or conflicts with the prior foundational culture. Please remember that you are the only authority on you. Do you have an authority figure that stifles your creativity or do they support your creativity and individuality? Do you love or rebel against authority? Who do you have authority over, or what subject to you have an authority in? Are you using this authority in a positive manner? The rules and authority that you hold over yourself need to be evaluated periodically. When was the last time you thought about your social conditioning and the rules you follow?

All things have order; even chaos is a type of order. What does order look like in your life? Are you happy with it? By the way this is not an invitation to perfectionism; this is an invitation to move away from the stifling claws of perfectionism. How does order affect your life? Do you need to make small changes that will help you develop the habits to attain the level of order you are seeking?



Masculinity is half of humanities spirit. I am learning to embrace this part of myself as I learn to embrace my Femininity. I am no expert on this area so here is a web link to an article that I am consulting on  this topic, I hope you find it helpful.

Every one of us endures something. Right now I have my 4 year old monkey climbing on my back and I am stuck in a hotel room. Endurance is the growing pains of life, with each new decision you make you must let something go. What have you endured in the past that has made you stronger? What decision did you make that led you to a path requiring great amounts of courage and endurance? Are you enduring something right now that is changing your life in a way you never expected? What are you still enduring that happened so long ago that only the shadow torments you? I know with all that I AM that you can endure anything and the endurance will teach you a very valuable lesson that one day you will be called upon to help another learn.


Peace, Love and Good Vibes my beautifully unique siblings.

SRWM ~ Steffi



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