Hello :)


I think, at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

It is April 11, 2014 and today is the day I start my new blog, and move my older posts over. I started my first blog  in October of 2009, and life has interrupted many times.

My plan is to start with the Card of the day and discus what it means and try to understand some of the nuances. I also want to discuss ways to implement the advice of the card. I am also going

I want to help you and change the world. I hope that I can inspire you to go out and “be the change you want to see.”


I am also going to let you know right here; I am unapologetically authentic.

I am an activist. I love to garden. I love to help people.

I will share quotes,  probably cuss, talk about sex and money, share videos, recipes  both that I have written and I have tested.

I talk about everything that encompasses my life from physics to potty training.

There is a high likelihood that ethics and deaf culture will show up.

I will post my academic and non academic papers.

My families medical issues and probably present alternative treatments for various medical issues will show up.

I will definitely be posting poetry and artwork.

If it is part of my life it is  fair game.


As of right now I am in my late twenties.

I have run half a dozen businesses on shoe string budgets.

As a child I grew up overseas and that had a serious influence on me.

I am the oldest of nine. My family has lost two children to disease and an accident, I also have other siblings with various medical issues.


I have a beautiful four year old named Ben who thinks he is Curious George. He also happens to be deaf and autistic.


I started blogging with the quote from Eleanor Roosevelt and boy did I get a curious kid, he was conceived around the time I started my first blog, and I managed to manifest so many of my fears.

Now I’m going to try and manifest my beautiful dreams. I hope that I will be able to assist you in manifesting your dreams as well. 🙂


Peace Love and Good Vibes

SRWM – Steffi


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