Karma Jar

If you liked any of my services or posts and feel it was worth something please  feel free to leave a comment and or a tip. Click on the image and it will take you to my tip jar.


If you would like a card reading please message me on facebook or request a reading in the comments.


Thank you. 🙂

Peace, Love and Good Vibes

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  1. Stephanie is a very talented young lady! Her reading was incredibly accurate and I was given useful information and validation of my live path. I will most definitely have future readings and encourage you to try one too.


  2. I have never had someone read my cards before. Stephanie is amazing. It was crazy how real her reading was to my life, it gave me chills(in a good way) and smiles.She is worth your time.


  3. I would like to thank and highly recommend Stephanie Williams McKnight for her very accurate card reading for me. She blew me away with a lot of the information she mentioned and has given me some very useful guidance and advice also confirming what I’ve been told before about myself. Stephanie definately can read the cards well and I would recommend her to anyone looking for some guidance in their life. I will definately use Stephanie Williams McKnight for future readings.
    Thank you Stephanie
    Namaste xx


  4. I can highly recommend Stephanie’s tarot reading abilities as I was really impressed by their accuracy and quality, particularly with the gypsy reading. She puts a lot of time, energy and effort into explaining what things mean and her intuition and energy is wonderful. Her work is infused with Love and a deep connection with Spirit. She is a blessing to work with and am I very glad to have crossed paths with her. ~ Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


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