How to go to a Buddhist monastery in rural Oklahoma or anywhere else.

1. Show up at a Buddhist monastery.
2. Upon exiting your car, remove your shoes. If you will be entering a temple wait until you get to the entrance to remove your shoes.
3. If you bring your child, remove a child from the back seat and remove their shoes.
4. Properly greet any monk that is present, do not seek them out, have small child properly greet monk as well.
5. Bring offerings of fruit, flowers, rice and or incense. Small home made cookies work great too. Children can leave coins of the local currency. 
6. Have small child place offerings, and help them light the incense.
7. Place your offerings and light the incense.
8. Sit or kneel in silence for ten minutes or as long as your child will sit with you.
9. Thank the monk if present and wish him peace and a bountiful harvest.

10. Leave knowing that you have found a bit of momentary peace.



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