Self Awareness and Psychic Gifts


Wouldn’t it be great if you used your intuition more? How can you do this?

Here are a few things that have helped me.

Practice some kind of introspection; meditate, dance, draw, or journal. Reflect on yourself, and reflect on your relationship with the universe. By practicing self awareness, one stimulates self esteem and a desire for self-respect. Find something to love about yourself everyday and be grateful for that beauty within you. Once you can find something to love about yourself, you will discover self-respect. When you respect yourself, then you can and will respect others, even when disagreeing. Respect leads to responsibility. Through word and deed, you must be responsible. In a relatively short time, responsibility leads to roles of leadership, and leadership demands self awareness.

Be conscious and aware of your psychic mind, as manifest. Your conscious and unconscious mind are constantly manifesting your own inner voice, outer world and your intuition. Be open to it. Invite it into your life. Expect it. Realize that you are psychic, you have good intuition. It is a muscle and must be exercised. Psychic means; listening to the voice of your soul. We are all capable of this. Ask your intuitive psychic voice for advice; from the silly and mundane to the very important. Listen to yourself. Listen to your intuition. Follow your hunches. Record your experiences. The more you do this, the more you are validated by your inner voice being correct, and the more vindicated your doubt, the stronger your intuition and psychic gifts will become.

Written May of 2006


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