Good night my wonderfully unique siblings. First I wanted to offer my apologies, I have been busy packing and chasing my son. Tonight is almost over but it is still a new and beautiful day. I want to share today’s card with you.


Today we will hopefully withdraw and harness the energy of the seven of cups.


The key concepts for this card are: Choices, Little achievement, Ego, Reflection, Imagination, Sentiment, Spirit and Inner-self.



We are all human. We make choices every second of the day. Some of these choices are unconscious and some are very conscious. Each decision moves us along the path that we are building. Each choice is a Brick in the Path. Stray thoughts and decisions of consciousness can impact your life in an untold number of mini and major manifestations. Conscious decision making is vital to a happy and abundant life. Sometimes we have to back track and bricks that no longer serve us need to be pulled up. At other times there are large stones in the way of laying the foundation and we have to take the time to dig the stone up then carefully refill the hole. These stones are foundational beliefs that were programed into us by societal norms and mores. In consciously choosing to understand the limiting beliefs we make a choice to rewire how or what we think. These beliefs will line our path but will not stand in the way. What choices have you made that helped support your foundation? What beliefs have you reevaluated and built around or moved to the side of your path? What choices did you make that upon further inspection needed to be refit or refilled? Are you consciously creating your life?



So today has been an extremely unproductive day and that fits with this card. This card deals with little being accomplished and ego. Both can go hand in hand. We have so many choices in front of us each minute that it can be overwhelming. The fear of making the wrong choice can stop us from moving forward and can cause stagnation in our lives. Our ego can stand in the way of making productive choices because of fear. We fear that we can never be perfect. Perfection is the tool that the ego uses to hold us back, it is not attainable and never will be. What choices are overwhelming your ability to make a firm decision? Is inaction harming or helping you? Are you allowing perfection to get in the way of living your life? What choices do you need to face right now to be happier tomorrow?



As with all cards this card’s advice is one of introspection and reflection. When we reflect on our needs and desires we can find an unlimited array of choices. How do we get there? When do we act to achieve the desired out come? What if the dreams are just an illusion? These again are questions based on fear of the unknown. Anything is possible and you can succeed in all that you endeavor, if you are willing to do the work to manifest them. Your dreams are like seeds, each must be nourished and watered daily until it breaks free from the soil. Your dreams are at that point, you must continue to do the foundational work to help the dream grow towards the light and into limitless possibilities. What dreams are you fostering? Are you actively manifesting and choosing to bring them into reality? Are you tending your desires and exploring your imaginations of future possibilities?


Robin Wood Tarot Seven of Cups

If you lived in a world where no one had an imagination what would it be like? Do you let your imagination flourish and play? Have you dreamed of what you want your future to be like? Do you have a creative outlet?


One of the most beautiful sentiments of this card is that it offers unlimited possibilities if you focus on them. Make a choice and pick your path. You have an abundance of choices, paths and resources at your disposal. What is your deepest dream and desire? Are you willing to let go of fear to chase it?

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