Humanities lament


Why O’ Why
are we so sick

Humanity Declines
we break and break again
each thread
of the living web
in its place a spider
and an all consuming
web of dots and lines

Humanity Degrades
spires of tempered rock
prisms of burnt sand
greedy pursuit of
the brownish black gold
life blood of the planet
run a muck
defiling the garden
fouling the air
poisoning the water
gouging the crust

Humanity Diminishes
with each loss
we do decrease
into oblivion
Adieu sweet fish
Archaic lost tygers
Farewell Feathered Friends
Bye bye butter beans

Humanity Deteriorates
when will we learn
from history
rise an fall each order
monuments of culture
bone and leaf and rock
return to dust

Humanity’s Deferment
gardeners we must become
cultivators we are to be
rebuild the forest
reconstruct the sea
reestablish diversity

Humanities Demise
we can reach for the stars
live in the vast darkness
the stars will swallow us
consume our homes
dust we will be once more
lets leave a paradise
if we part ‘fore then
to die is inevitable
so let us live


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