THE CARD OF THE DAY – THE SEVEN OF CUPS – second time it was pulled and a different perspective


Hello my wonderful siblings. I would like to apologize for my absence. I just moved cross country and still have one smaller jump to make before I am settled.

I wanted to share the wisdom from the card of the day. My son once again brought me a card out of the blue this morning about 7 am. I have been pondering and meditating on this card all day. It left me with an odd sense of confusion and fear. I now understand why I was so confused. This is the second time this card has shown up as the card of the day. I will try to give you a different perspective of this card.


The Key Concepts are; Fantasy, illusion, wishful thinking, choices, inspiration and imagination. It also feels like confusion based in fear.



I am the dreamer who sees the potential in you and in your dreams. I am fearful of the potential trials and difficulties ahead of us on the journey to manifest our dreams. What dreams have you let go of out of fear? What dreams are you willing to chase even when you are terrified? Are you willing to make your dreams real?



Fantasy is one of humanities greatest gifts. Fantasy is our outlet for expression of the “impossible.”  The illusion of fantasy is based in at least one grain of this present reality. Fantasy is the safe place to show the bad and good qualities of the age we live in. It is an aspect of reality where personal creative energy changes the world and inspires others to create change. What aspect of reality have you been expressing in your creations? Which dreams are showing up in you fantasies and creative expressions? What truth is your subconscious mind trying to show you?



Right now the majority of people are facing something that is causing stress and anxiety. To protect our mind and part of our ego created escapism. Escapism is a double edged sword. It allows us to let go of reality by submerging ourselves into some form of fantasy. Excessive or destructive escapism is where problems can occur.  It is necessary to be able to let go and have fun sometimes. When the horrors and tribulations we face each day become so overwhelming we dive into escapism and never surface or it takes days or months to surface then there is a problem. Wishful thinking can be a form of escapism, however it can be one of the most destructive if you get caught in it and allow entitlement to take over. How are you abusing escapism? What are a few healthy ways that you are letting go of reality?



BIG BOLD WARNING – TO GOOD TO BE TRUE – It also feels like confusion based in fear. I’m off the book here and just feeling the card. The confusion that is around you is being caused by your fear of doing something right the right way. Where is fear choking your spirit and your life? If you think something is too good to be true trust your gut. Is there something going on that us too good to be true?


images (3)

Choices are around us every day. Each breath, each keystroke or step you take is a choice. Right now we are faced with a sense of being overwhelmed and over committed. Learn to say no. Right now is a bad time to make financial investments, but the choice is yours to make. The universe is taking care of you but you have to choose how it helps. Who or what are you letting bully you? What choices have you made that let the universe know what you wanted or needed? Did you ask to not have something show up and then it showed up? Did the positive manifest?



Inspiration and imagination are two key words from this card that flow together so well. When you allow your imagination to have some ground you will find that you inspire others. You have the choice to decide if you want to inspire beauty or negativity. The more people you inspire to use their imaginations and inspire others the less work there is to do. Many hand makes for light work, yes a bit cliché but so true. How have you used your imagination today? Who has inspired you? Who do you want to inspire?

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Peace Love and Great Vibes

SRWM – Steffi


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