For the last few days my son has brought me a tarot card every day. He hands the card to me then runs off giggling. He is spot on every time. Today he handed me the Ace of Pentacles. This is a very in depth card as it shows the beginning of a new journey.


The key concepts for this lovely card are: Manifestation, new financial opportunity, success, tangible effects and results, prosperity, abundance, trust, security, finding your ground, emotional stability, financial gain, luck, recognition, practicality, realism, using your tool box, trust, foundation building, support, synchronicity and reality check


Ace of Pentacles

On the first day of a basic World Studies class, my teacher, Mr. Watkins talked to the class about out personal tool boxes. He told us that every one of us holds a tool box in our mind and some of us have a physical tool box as well. It takes the right tools to get us where we are going in life. This card indicates a need for realism and practicality. The trait of realism makes us want to be as accurate as possible; which is a great goal but not always practical or achievable. Practicality can help as easily as it can hinder; yet practicality and realism are important tools in our tool box. Yesterday I talked about fantasy and dreams, this card is grounded in reality.  While we want to have that moment of fantasy, reality will intervene and bring us back into the moment. What tools do you have at your disposal? Do you maintain the tools you have? Are you being impractical, or overly practical? Have you mastered the harmony of practicality? Have you decided when to use discretion in your attempt at realism? What do you think would happen if you fully understood the tools you have access to?



In front of you is an open expanse of possibilities. Manifestation is your gift from the universe. You have been manifesting the reality around you for your whole life. In this new era we are entering everyone will find new financial opportunities. These opportunities will be in front of us. It is our choice to be open to the opportunities. When we chose to be awake and aware of our gifts and talents, we see the tangible effects and concrete results. How do you define success? How do you define abundance? How do you define prosperity? Do you see these three words as interchangeable for financial gain? Or do the words have distinct feelings and meanings?  You are the only person who can decide your personal definitions.



The moment I half way understood and practiced consciously manifesting my reality, my reality changed in wonderful ways. I began resonating energy of security, I felt home in each moment. Finding your ground can be difficult for some people. Each of us resonates at a slightly different frequency and because of this everyone grounds differently. Some people ground to the physical ground, some to plants, others to water, some by having sex, some others even ground to the sun. There are so many grounding exercises, that you really have to experiment to find one that works well for you.  Now as you become firmly grounded, you most likely will find that your emotional stability will improve. You may even find that in the direst of circumstances, you have discovered a sense of peace. How grounded are you right now? Do you have a ton of people latched on to your energy field? Do you know what a cord cutting ritual is? What is the energy that you are projecting into the universe? Are you consciously choosing to accept the timing of what is being put in front of you? If you are not firmly grounded, what element or objects are you drawn to when you think about grounding?



With a little luck, trust and fairy dust almost anything is possible. That said luck is the bit where we see the people in front of us, look them in the eyes and hold a conversation. Trust is when we know that the universe moves in its own time. Fairy dust… fairy dust is the dreams we wish to manifest. When was the last time you struck up a conversation with a stranger? Have you noticed any synchronicities lately? What dreams are you reaching for? Are the seeds of your dreams finally sprouting and poking out of the ground? Do you need to pay more attention to fostering the dream?



Everyone craves recognition of some kind; parental approval, fan girls and fan boys, a pat on the head from anyone, to hear good job at some point, to hear thank you, or simply the self-recognition for doing something well. Who do you seek out recognition from? Do you recognize yourself for what you have done and the energy that you have attracted?  Can you congratulate yourself or do you criticize yourself for not doing it ‘right’? When was the last time you told yourself that you were proud of your accomplishments? When did you last tell someone else that you were proud of them?



You have an unlimited source of support. There are people, animals, spirits, angles and so many other beings around you right now, all you have to do is ask for help. Trust that the needs and desires you have will be met if you allow yourself to recognize the foundation you are laying. The support you have now and the support that you will attract to you via active manifestation and synchronicity will be immense. When did you last offer help without strings? When did you last ask for help? Are you willing to ask for help? What areas of your life are you resisting assistance?


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Now it is time for a reality check. What are your dreams, goals and aspirations? Are you willing to take the opportunities in front of you? When was the last time you spoke to a person face to face, with no communication device, other than your body? When was the last time you smiled at a stranger? When was the last time you preformed a random act of kindness? When was your last paradigm shift? What is the paradigm you currently inhabit? Are you ready for your next shift?


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