Card of the Day

Today is a beautiful day no matter the weather or the circumstances.

What kind of energetic movement are you choosing to attune to?


Shortly after midnight I pulled the High Priestess and The Blue Lotus then I went to bed.

I asked for guidance as to why these cards had entered the path of humanity on this day.


My dreams were filled with blushingly vivid images. Together these cards are a clear indicator of self-love. The High Priestess is a clear indicator of feminine energy and has a strong sexual undertone that for some can be utterly enchanting while others are terrified of the sexual energy this card throws. The Blue Lotus is a beautiful card that shows us that we are in a time of self-care and emergence. Watch for the synchronicity in your life, these events will be occurring so frequently once you are watching for them. Be grateful for them and spread love.


 When was the last time you spent time quietly breathing? When was the last time you did something sensual for yourself? When was the last time you practiced self-pleasure and let go of your inhibitions to self-love?



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