The Card of the Day

The Card of the Day … is well, 4 cards today. I pulled a mediation card and a card from the mermaid tarot. When I woke up this morning there was a second card on top of the first mermaid card. When I sat down to write about the cards a fourth jumped.

Everyone and everything deserves love. It is a right that every speck of energy in the whole universe deserves respect and love. The first two cards clearly state a need for a flowing harmony of masculine and feminine energy. The third card reinforces the need and tentative achievement of harmony. The fourth card that decided to jump when I set down the deck earlier this afternoon cautions the need for strong leadership and again reinforces the desire for balance.20140523_152737

The first card is Geb, the Egyptian god of the planet earth, with a domain in mirth, vegetation and geological movement. This card is incredibly masculine, he feels like a dad, not a father. From my perspective Geb is the embodiment of Plate tectonics and pollen. This is a message of very fertile and abundant times ahead. As you give so you receive. The mantra of this card is, “The Joyful abundance that flows from me returns to my life, ten thousand fold.”

For Geb to be followed by the Queen of Cups is breathtaking, the card in itself is breathtaking.  The striking femininity of this card is magnificent. A mermaid queen sits holding a conch shell in a giant oyster. Around the queen are dolphins and golden fish. The card is dominated with violets, pinks, blues and greens, with white accents. This card is about LOVE, SELF LOVE, COMPASSION, and the WELFARE OF ALL BEINGS. You are worthy of LOVE and RESPECT. Your passion is worth following. Your gifts are worth sharing. Abundance is eminent. All energy is interconnected and each of us is energy. Why would anyone choose to close off their gifts from others?

The ten of swords is at first glance a negative card, but when you look deeper, the mermaid in the card is completely relaxed between ten tritons. This card has a strong masculine feel to it. The card is permeated with blues and indigo. Hints of yellow, green and orange are scattered across the mermaid and the rocks she is laying on. The card is in reverse so it indicates that we have reached a clear and harmonious perspective of life and the circumstances around us. The past is in the past, we have learned many lessons from it but now we are looking to the present and the future. Have you taken steps to show the people around you that you love them? What do you see your life like in ten years?

The final card that jumped was Cleopatra. The mantra for this card is “I stand firm in allowing only life-giving people and situations into my life.” Every single one of us has a passionate desire for our home. In the broadest sense of home, we are living on a dynamic living planet, which provides all of our needs. We all have walked through our fear and anxiety for something we are passionate about. We have also allowed the ignorance and ego of others to hold us back. Hopefully we have chosen or consorts, colleagues and mentors with care and love. When was the last time you stood up for something you were passionate about? If you were approached to lead or felt a calling to lead, would you?


I would like to thank DENISE IWANIW for the beautiful gift she has given to us. Her knowledge and one of the decks I used today “The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Empowerment Deck”.

You can find more information about Denise, her mission, her decks, and her various services at


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