Marin – Thank you


On April Second I had a life changing moment. I want to thank Marin Bach-Antonson for the gift of her time. For knowing her, my life has changed in so many way. I highly recommend her services. Thank you.

This was my experience at the time. April Second 2014.

Due to a scheduling fluke I just finished one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I was scheduled to spend 30 minutes on the phone but spent about an hour and a half listening, talking and learning.

I’m sitting here, feeling light headed, my throat feels like it has a deep bright light shooting out of it. My crown chakra is warm and tingly. My ears feel like the fire-station and the house on fire, they are ringing and burning. My son is sitting in my lap in peals of laughter.

When Marin Bach-Antonson from Rise Up Goddess called me, I had an overwhelming sense of peace take over. The dog and cat sprawled out peacefully at my feet. My son (4 years-old deaf autistic and supper hyper) calmed down, sat with his head on my shoulder and relaxed. Throughout the time I spent on the phone with Marin he would periodically burst out in delighted laughter.

Each question Marin asked me I felt more confident in my purpose. More dedicated to making changes that will raise humanity higher. I had to dig deep and deal with some demons from my past which I had buried in hopes of never surfacing, but she liquified my barriers and helped them rise to the surface. I’m not sure how many times I started to cry during the call, but I faced each one.

In my search for abundance, I have found I fear loosing everything. When I say, “loosing everything” I mean my self, my family and my child. I have found I associate money with a fear of a loss of self. Fear that greed would overpower my desire to help this beautiful garden that we live in.

I was introduced to three very special aspects of myself. Lilly, Jocelyn, and Lucky. Each of these beautiful personalities within me, were a fractured portion of my personal abundance, trying to protect me from deeply seeded, fear based beliefs. With the assistance and guidance of Marin, I was able to unify and “super glue” these beauties back together. They are now willing to work in concert to help me find financial security, spread love and abundance.

Marin – Thank you so much for your very valuable time and healing energies. I hope that I will wisely use the gifts you have helped me unlock.
You can reach Marin at or

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