Hello my beautiful siblings,

Every moment we achieve the highest potential we can at that exact moment. One of my stated goals is to live in a world of peace and freedom where the highest freedom we could ever attempt to attain is the freedom to never want or need to harm anyone. I hope you will join me in this endeavor. That journey begins today and will take all of us sharing our gifts to reach that goal.

I want to say thank you so much for being here and choosing to raise your personal vibration. I also want to thank one of the most important men in my life for pulling the card of the day before he left for work this morning.

Some of you may be aware that today we lost Maya Angelou. She embodied the card of the day. She was a huge part of the civil rights movement in the United States. Not only did she show amazing courage she also lived every day as if it was a new beginning. I feel it is appropriate to wish her a peaceful lifetime if she chooses to come back.


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The fool represents new beginnings and fresh starts. Some of the new ideas we have my be great while others may not be fully expressed yet and fall short of greatness. We will achieve greatness even if only in our own home.

One of the major factors that this card exemplifies is that with each ending a new beginning is at hand and every beginning starts with an ending.

The fool is a card of rebirth and a childlike enthusiasm for life. When we are born each of us is free, no matter the circumstances we are born into. This card encourages you to take risks, show your courage and shine your inner light on the world.

Are you embracing your free spirit? Are you using the tools that you have been given in this life? Are you taking advantage of opportunities that are coming your way?

What if we lived in world where we all have the freedom to express ourselves creatively?

 What if we lived in a universe where each person had fresh food, clean water and were living the life of their dreams? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

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