THE CARD OF THE DAY – The Seven of Wands

THE CARD OF THE DAY – The Seven of Wands


I had to laugh when I pulled this card. The Romany meaning of the seven of wands is, “expect a message.” When I ask for universal guidance I ask the cards, “Please give me the message that is needed today for humanity.”

The irony is that as I have been sitting and reading up on this card, I have also been working on about 8 posts that will be showing up over the next week. I’m moving and trying to make sure that my wonderful siblings have their card of the day show up and put a few other writings up.

One of the other meanings of this card is persistence and holding on to what you have worked for. I try very hard to not be materialistic but in this instance personally this card is telling me to keep up the momentum.


There is no courage without fear and this card wants us to learn that we have the choice to be courageous.

This card is also about competition. I know that I am a member of an active community of people trying to improve the living conditions of humanity and the health of the planet. As such competition is not a good thing; this mentality comes from a place of scarcity.

Each of us has a unique gift and message that will help us get to a place of peaceful coexistence. We are all part of a very large community and we each need to shine our inner light as brightly as we can. We are afraid to out shine someone else, but that is not possible.


What would happen if we each stood up for all that we have achieved so far, for ourselves, for others and for our planet? Can you imagine a world where every person shone their light as bright as possible? What would that look like? What if we all actively shared our gifts and raised the vibration of the whole planet in the process?



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