Journal work can take you into a deep, contemplative state.

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Journal work can take you into a deep, contemplative state. Give voice to your imagination and spontaneously describe the associations you have between your memories, emotions and ideas.

Journals are a place where you put ideas and dream, hopes and fears. Sometimes we need to reflect and reread  these texts from ourselves. This is a safe environment to ask tough questions, even if it takes ten years to go back and answer them.

I had some spare time and was reading through my journal, looking at where I have been and where I am now. I discovered that I am grateful for all of my past experiences because they brought me here. I found lots of questions about life. Things I don’t remember writing that are pretty profound upon reflection. Pictures I drew and forgot about, like the Fool I drew in 2006 on my dear mates birthday. Goals that seem ridiculous now, but at the time showed my understanding of reality at the time.

Are you grateful for even the painful events in your life?

Have you reflected on the happy memories too?


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