Quantum Physics, Aura’s and the Chakra System


I created something out of nothing, that something may be nothing to you, but I still created something.

 Dustin DB McKnight 5/23/2009

Originally written 5/19/2009

Theoretically, atoms are particles of energy, the physical matter is formed by chunks of energy with a pattern of slower particles. If the energy moved at a higher frequency, there would be no physical matter, or it would be a completely different substance. The slower motion of the particles is basically energy vibrating at a lower frequency. This lower vibration creates the physical illusion of light and everything we physically perceive. Our physical body is an imperfect manifestation of our light body. The light body is our first body, the corporeal or physical body is our second body is made up of a lower vibration energy.

The major chakra’s and the minor chakra’s as well as the aura are the lenses which the physical body is projected through. The high vibrational body is then one of the first parts of our body in need of healing.

Tend your personal vibration and life will be so much better.


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