Journal work can take you some interesting places.

“Journal work can take you into a deep, contemplative state. Give voice to your imagination and spontaneously describe the associations you have between your memories, emotions and ideas.”
Stephanie Williams

I had some spare time and was reading through my journal, looking at where I have been and where I am now. I discovered that I am grateful for all of my past experiences because they brought me here. I started journaling at a young age and there are times where I was faithful and wrote daily, but there are huge chunks of time missing. Looking back I found I asked a lot of questions that I had no answer to at the time,  so in the middle of the page there is a question and it is blank all around it. Some pages have entries from many different dates as I attempt to answer the question. I have drawings and poems scattered through the pages. There are papers pasted into the journal and goals written in ink and addendum’s to the entries that are dated with commentary from my older self.

A journal is a time capsule. A journal is a safe place that we can express ourselves with only ourselves to go back and observe our state of mind. We don’t live in the memory of that time just reflect and look for the patterns.

Have you ever tried writing in a  journal?

Are you grateful for even the painful events in your life?

Have you reflected on the happy memories too?



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