Hello my beautiful siblings. My deepest apologies, my move and getting settled in has taken a bit longer than expected. I have a bit of digital housekeeping to do then on to the card.

I am hoping that I will have the card of the day posted every Monday through Thursday before Noon. Friday through Sunday will be posted as soon as I can get it written.

I will be doing card readings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 10am MST to 11:20am MST, as well as Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday Evenings from 8pm MST until Midnight MST. You are free to message me at any time to do a reading but it might take me a bit to get back to you.



Today’s card is the Devil. This card took some deep thought and a lot more research that usual to find the message that the universe wanted to send out.

“Steph you are addictive,” this was said to me by a very good friend. The strange thing is I don’t understand why he said that to me. This card is speaking strongly of addiction. A person can be addicted to many things; sugar, caffeine, alcohol, drugs of many varieties, adrenaline, endorphins and people. People addiction is one of the things I feel this card is pushing me towards.


We all walk around addicted to something. Let’s face dealing with addiction is difficult under any circumstance. Think back. Can you remember a time when you wanted to be with a person all the time? All you wanted was to be with that person constantly, regardless of the other person’s desires. Every one faces addiction to a person at some level. The addiction is chemical and psychological. When you are with the person in question, are you happy the majority of the time or are you ecstatically happy every once in a while but miserable the rest of the time? Are you afraid of the withdrawal symptoms that you will go through? Are you just afraid to be alone?


bella rosa

Now many of us also face a different type of people addiction. We face an addiction to self-illusion.  We wear a mask to keep us safe but the mask keeps us from living to our fullest potential. This personal mask also presents us with a chemical and psychological addiction. Wearing the proverbial mask causes our adrenaline and cortisol (a nasty, highly addictive, stress hormone) levels to sky rocket. In the long run these high levels of flight or fight chemicals we are producing, and the low level anxiety we are constantly battling, cause so much damage to our mind and body that, we are unconsciously and literally killing ourselves. When we let go of the mask and be our authentic selves we are less stressed and in most cases happier.  Have you taken off the mask and open yourself up to being you? Are you living an authentic life and chasing your dreams? What if you saw yourself in the best way possible and allowed the self-deception to transform into self truth?



 The devil is an odd card because at first appearance the card is a very negative. However, I find that this card has an unusual balance to it. In the Abrahamic traditions the Devil is an evil being who steals souls and keeps one in eternal darkness. In other traditions the “devil” is actually Pan, Puck, Bacchus or other gods of letting loose and living a slightly excessive lifestyle. The card can also depict Lilith, the original divine feminine.  The main objective of this card is simple; Love yourself, for yourself, because you are you and no one else will ever be you.

Have you stopped taking care of your personal needs?

Do You Love Yourself?

What if every man, woman, child and living creature spent time every day practicing self love?

Can you imagine that?



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