THE CARD OF THE DAY – The Four of Swords

Hello my amazing siblings. I hope that the path you are currently on is treating you well. This is a short reading; my home life is in a very chaotic state, so I am taking the cards advice. The four of swords is a simple card with a simple but not easy message.


At this point we are all experiencing the influences of the full moon and Mercury in retrograde. We have a couple choices facing us right now. We can embrace our inner hermit and take the time we need to rest and recuperate or we can poke the badger with a spoon. Or we can do nothing and ride the cosmic waves.

swords-4This card is the sibling to the Hermit. The four of swords advises that we take some time and rest. It is very much a card of self-care. When was the last time you took the time to get a massage? Are you nourishing your body with good food and clean water? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you spending time alone?


Peace Love and Great Vibrations,





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