The Card Reading of the Day – 3 cards for us to think on

Hello my stunning siblings. I hope you are riding the cosmic waves with grace and dignity.

The universe has guided me to three cards, the first two are meditation cards from “The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Empowerment Deck”. The final card is from the Mermaid Deck.


When I was looking for pictures to represent the three cards today I found a wonderful image that showed the synthesis of the cards; Cleopatra, The Blue Lotus and the three of Pillars/Wands. These cards speak of standing up for you, self-care and the efforts you have been putting energy towards in life are being recognized.

Cleopatra tells us that we have the ability to do anything with our life. We have the ability to choose who is in our life. We control our life. Are the people in your life truly there to help you be a better person? Are you standing up for the people you believe in? Are you standing up for what you believe in?

The Blue Lotus is a very powerful card for me personally. It is the “blanket” I use when I put my deck to bed at night, (the Blue Lotus is placed on the top to rest the whole deck).  This card is about rest, rejuvenation and self-care. The blue lotus is a beautiful card with a strong message to slow down and remember to rest, sleep and take care of your body. How much sleep is right for your body? Are you drinking enough water? When was the last time you renewed your spirit with a dip in a spring, a barefoot walk in nature or a spent a quiet moment outdoors listening to the world around you?

The three of wands can also be seen as the three of pillars. Oddly this wand card is about money and resources. Usually this energy is reserved for the pentacle suit. However this card is a phenomenal omen for manifestation. Right now the fruit tree you planted earlier in this season of your life is about to bear the most delicious fruit. The success you have been working towards is about to break over and fill your life.

Right now, we are all going through major change and this card is telling us to hold on, know that the changes are for the better.  Are you afraid of the success or are you embracing it? Are you ready to graciously accept the resources that are showing up? Are you watching for the synchronicities and coincidences around you?

Individually, these cards are powerful; together these three cards have an even deeper and meaningful message. Each of us needs to remember that self-care is a major key to our health, our vibrational frequency and our relationship with others. When we take care of our body and mind, providing nourishment and rest we can thrive. Loving ourselves and others actually takes a lot of energy and to maintain that energy we must care for ourselves first. Then the love from within us can over flow to the people that need it.

Self-love in all areas is vital to our personal vibration. I was told by a wonderful medium that before I could tend the inner garden of others I must tend my own personal vibration. Have you been tending your personal vibration? Have you spent any time pampering your mind with a good novel? Have you taken a hot bubble bath?

Can you imagine what it would be like if every person on the planet let themselves shine their brightest and allowed themselves to vibrate at the highest level of love they were capable of?


I would like to thank DENISE IWANIW for the beautiful gift she has given us. Her knowledge and one of the decks I used today “The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Empowerment Deck”.

You can find more information about Denise, her mission, her decks, and her various services at

I also highly recommend listening in on any of the archives or live show at


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