A Crunchy Reading to Ponder for the Day


Hello my beautiful siblings I hope you are having a beautiful day and are enjoying the energy from the upcoming solstice. I apologies for my absence I have been feeling disconnected and I have been having some flair ups with my back. I hope you find this reading a bit crunch and very relevant, it is not my typical reading.

In conjunction with a dream that I had last night I decided to pull a card reading asking for universal guidance in regards to what was needed to be known by the general population at present.

I promise as soon as I have a better grasp on the meaning and consult with a number of people, I will gladly share the dream in detail.  I have been expanding my understanding of the cards and how numbers add to this. I pulled the cards on 06-20-2014 this boils down to 6. Today is about motherly love, I understand this to mean the feminine spirit of the planet.  The time I did the reading was 13:45 which boils down to the number two; this number is the number of the all-knowing and all-seeing. The numbers together boil down to 8. Eight is the number of balance and power. In conjunction with my dream these numbers make me think that Our planet is beginning to reach out to us and make her power known.


The cards that I drew were the 5 of Swords, which coincidentally is the same card my son’s baby sitter dropped as she left last night. This I read as being a very important message. The second card is the Lovers (VI) in reverse, and finally I pulled the Chariot(VII) in reverse. The numbers of this reading are interesting. You have the 5, the 6 and the 7. The five is a dynamic force that is at hand right now and making massive changes. The six is the caretaker energy that I hope each of you are feeling right now. The seven is the seeker. To have three consecutive numbers line up perfectly like that is pretty cool. Individually the number of each card tells us a story that can be brought into the whole reading. When you add up the numbers you get 18 which boil down to nine. Nine is the number of global awareness. This is a very powerful message when you add in the numerological aspects.


At first I thought that this was a particularly personal reading then I open my eyes and set my ego to the side.


In General the population is waking up to the fact that we have created a very big problem. Even with many people trying to stop the problems currently facing all earthlings we are not making much of an impact on the cleanup efforts. Unfortunately we, humans, are a population that creates and discards our unwanted refuse. This is causing problems for every single creature plant and rock on our home.


The Five of sword indicates that we are our own worst enemies. We as a small fraction of the population of earth have a nasty habit of escalating conflicts and bad habits however the planet is responding to our actions.  Time is relative to the being experiencing it. Two hundred years ago, our technology was minimal and we had little impact on the planet. I am just as guilty of using plastic water bottles as many people, and I have a cellphone that could potentially poison an entire small water source if it fell in. The conflict of the card is that we are torn, we want the new technology, but we also want to have a beautiful and clean planet where we can all thrive. My questions today are a bit different from normal so please bear with me. Are you trying to do your part to protect the fragile life around you? Have you made the correlation between your actions, your health and the health of the planet and other earthlings in general?


The Lovers in reverse hit me pretty hard again it felt like the universe was personally attacking me but pulling back from Ego and opening my eyes and heart I found the universal message to be uplifting and filled with hope. I am a deeply spiritual and I like to think that I am connected to our earth siblings from other genetic expressions. However, as a species humanity can be incredibly ignorant and ambivalent to our feathered, furred, finned, and green siblings. Don’t even get me started on the stone and water that we think very little of. Right now we all need to be listening to our guts and remember that every single person has a job and higher calling that ultimately leads back to the one job we all have, Taking care of our home and curating the massive gardens we live in. What is your higher calling, your passion and are you following it? Are you actively showing the people, plants, stones water and living creatures around you the respect you would want them to show you? Are you showing the universe and all within it the unconditional love I know we are all capable of?


The Chariot(VII) in reverse is the card of movement and Movement is what we need right now. As of right now we have a few choices in-front of us, we can continue to keep up with the Joneses and keep up all of our nasty and bad habits or we can make changes. I would love if you could try to imagine a place where everyone had clean organic food, clean high vibrational water, pleasant and positive companionship with a goal of growth, and a society that valued each citizen for what they put forth. Try to imagine a place where love and compassion drove the economy, not greed and apathy. Are you showing yourself the love you deserve? Are you, to the best of your ability, living in a manner that allows you to freely share your gift and spread love to everyone?


Are you willing to follow your calling, and use the gifts you have to save our home from us?


If you could follow your dreams, how would you change the world?

ImagePeace Love and Great Vibrations



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