Card of The Day- The Hermit (IX)

Card of The Day- The Hermit (IX)


Hello my beloved siblings, I hope you are having a wonderful and blessed day.

Today’s card is the Hermit (IX). The card is the ninth card in the Major Arcana. In numerology nine is about universal love, service and strength. One aspect of this that resonates with the Hermit is learning to say no.

Setting firm boundaries is a skill that every single one of us needs to practice. When I was younger I had no boundaries and didn’t seem to be able to see the boundaries that others had. I got into bad relationships. I felt like I was constantly on the run and suffered from severe paranoia as I learned about healthy boundaries. I still have trouble with new people and catching the social cues.

That being said, one of the many lessons the Hermit teaches us is to set boundaries and say no when we need to. It is quite healthy to say no. It can also be one of the toughest things to learn as you grow up and move away from deep ego. It can be frightening to risk rejection by saying we just can’t handle any more right now.

Learn to use this power packed work. Saying no can be a very liberating experience.  It is one of the simplest boundaries we can set. No matter the reason, saying no gets easier with practice. Have you been saying yes when you want to say no? What reasons have you used to justify saying yes when you meant no? What makes saying no so difficult for you?

What if each person said no when they meant no and yes when they meant yes?


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