Hello my brilliant siblings. We are entering the new moon phase of this cycle. Tonight being the full moon it is very appropriate that the card for today is the Death card.

Some people are terrified of this card; they fear their own mortality and project that into the meaning. However, a death is just the conclusion of one phase and a new beginning.

La petite mort, an orgasm, is one of the many deaths of ego. Hopefully, we have all experienced an orgasm. This experience gives us new perspective and “resets” how we look at life; it can open us up to unconditional love and a new life each day.

This card is about transitions, not always smooth transitions, but needed transitions.  Each new moon we are offered an opportunity to erase the proverbial black board and start fresh. This is a time of new energy and finishing up old projects.

Reaching for that little death that we call orgasm can be compared to the ebb and flow of the year. As each day is different so is each orgasm. We may not achieve “the perfect orgasm” but the journey is so much fun. Each season builds on the work of the previous season, and as memories and the mind can be key to a woman’s orgasm, each prior experience build on the current one.

Now what does sex and orgasms have to do with the death card? Right now is the perfect time to talk to your lover about what you love and don’t love about your love life. Work together to improve that aspect of your relationships. Try something new.

If you are single right now is a great time to show yourself some self-love and give yourself La petite mort.  If you’re not single when was the last time you took care if your physical needs?

NOW IF YOU ARE IN AN ABUSIVE OR NEGATIVE RELATIONSHIP this is the time to ask for help and to leave. If you need help, and don’t know where to start, CONTACT ME on my blog with your email and I will do the best I can to get you in touch with someone local to you that can help.


Peace Love and Great Vibes


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