The Flower of Life

infinietlove1Good afternoon my wonderful siblings. I hope all of you are well.

Today’s mantra is from the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Empowerment Deck.

“I AM a unique and powerful force within the matrix of Life. I AM eternally Creating and Being Created.”


We are all connected. The tree of life and the flower of life are based in geometry, biology and energy.

As we walk our journey we find love in many forms. One of the purest form is unconditional love, it has a frequency that radiates for miles. Some people know what this is, others find faint signatures of this type of love, some few poor souls never experience this type of love.

When we first discover love, we find our parents. They are the first people we love, we love them unconditionally for so long. However, for so many of us society erodes this and unconditional love is eclipsed by other forms of conditional love.

We forget what unconditional love feels like. In learning and favoring other forms of love; romantic love, parental love, sexual love, self love, hatred… we lose our connection to our higher self and the universe at large.


Yes, hatred is a form of love. It is a warped sense of love.

We cannot hate someone unless we love them and see our self in them.

Hate is the fear of the love we feel.

Warped love.

When we SET ASIDE FEAR and rediscover unconditional love, when we experience everything as a part of us, everyone as family, and choose to live in a state of unconditional love, we thrive.

Each moment we feel and radiate love, we expand the universe in ways that make us better; individually and as a whole. 10489917_10152502172885135_3000637236697419262_n

It is our choice to live in a state of radiating unconditional love.

Are you living in a state of bliss more often than not?

Are you authentically expressing how you feel and accepting Love from the universe?

What would happen if every single entity in the entirety of reality chose to accept the unconditional love that is all around and within them?

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