Imhotep – the Physician within


Good morning my wonderful siblings. I hope all of you are taking time to rest and heal your bodies after the deep healing of yesterdays New moon.

Today’s mantra is from the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Empowerment Deck.

“My body is the Temple of my Spirit. I lovingly care for it in all ways.”


I have been carrying a card from an angle deck around with me for almost 10 years now. This card is the Angle of Self Care. It has taken me years to understand what this means to me. When I was younger I was in so much inner turmoil that abusing my body was the only thing that helped me cope. 

This morning I attended a class hosted by Star Nations Academy and it left an impression that has gotten me thinking. With the card of the day being Imhotep, the peak of the new moon yesterday, and sacred spaces being spoken of during the class, I want to talk about body care. 

 Technology is rapidly extending the ability for our bodies to be repaired and our lives to be extended, however, we still need to care for and respect the we have. In this lifetime we only get one body. We have the ability to heal our own body if we choose to and put in the work.

Clean inputs and rest are vital for our health. Clean inputs are things such as laughter, clean air, water and food that is free of artificial chemicals. This can be a difficult, it can be done. We have the choice to eat well, keep as much crap out of the air and water as we can and get enough rest. We have to choose, then we must take the appropriate action to manifest the sacredness of our body.  We may have to sacrifice old though patterns, old habits and get uncomfortable for a while, but we feel better and are able to live more fulfilling lives. How can you be impacting what you put into your body, what you put out of your body and the things you no longer need?

Our responsibility to keep our home and body clean goes beyond the kitchen, it goes into the bathroom as well. Bathing is a sacred ritual that is unique to each person. Some habits of bathing are social, some of them are set forth by our home culture. Other habits are learned out of necessity or a desire to learn about differing cultures. How have you ritualized your bathing routine? 

Another very important aspect of body care is the care and keeping of your mind, the illumination of your shadows and the seeds you are cultivating in your light body. We all have a mind that is unique to us. We may share similar patterns but we are individuals waking into a dual consciousness. Our thoughts are very powerful, how we choose to use them determines how our life will unfold. When we allow others to negatively influence our ability to draw in the universal unconditional love, we suffer. When we stop ourselves from accepting the love we kill ourselves in a slow painful way.

Healing from that death takes time and hard work.

How are you honoring your body temple?

How are you honoring your light temple? 

Can you imagine a world where everyone honored their body and in doing so honored the whole universe? 

Peace Love and Great Vibrations

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