The Trail to Home: The Cracker Bush

“In a village where young adults are given autonomy on their path, accountability in their life, and living in an environment of respect and love for both themselves and everything else, they will thrive.”

2325692-13The Cracker Bush foundation is important because it is sustainable and teens in foster care need a stable loving environment to thrive. To the community of Bailey it means additional income. For the state of Colorado it is a model to get kids out of the system and keep them out. In general the project will send authentic, capable, thriving and well supported adults into the world.
Environmentally, 175 acres of mountains will be protected from further development. The community will be built to platinum Leed certification. We plan to source as much of the building materials from the community as possible.
Financially, the community will be almost self-sufficient and self-sustaining within a decade. The community will be funded by summer camps and cabin rentals. We are planning on putting all of the funds received from the foster system into two bank accounts for each child; a checking account with a quarter of the monthly state stipend and the rest to a trust fund.


I would love to know your  thoughts and Ideas on this.

If you would like to donate to the Project this is the Link. 

One comment

  1. Imagination is my forte, and I can’t imagine a better thing to do… may every benign deity smile upon your efforts and lean fate in your favor. As for the rest of us? It is ours to provide fate the circumstances to bring this magnificent dream to reality.

    Go girl, get it… Godspeed sweetheart, and when it comes time to build forms and pour concrete you know where to find me.


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