The Cards of the Day: The Magician Reversed and the Ace of Wands Reversed; To Question a Nastie

Tristan and Arial

Hello my wonderful earthbound siblings, I hope you are embracing the amazing energy of the Aquarius Full Moon and the Perseid meteor shower. I woke up this morning with two cards flipped on the other side of my desk. Apparently someone had a message that they wanted to get out loud and clear.

The Magician reversed was the first card, It speaks to the fear we all hold, the fear within ourselves that acts as a stumbling block to self-discovery and our authentic self.  We have all faced ridicule at one point and this can scar our understanding of self. The ridicule of our faith, our knowledge, our desires, our hopes, our dreams and our goals, this can put us in a state of stagnation. We wonder if, our being is so feeble that a stray sentence from another is strong enough to make us stop believing, was our dream even worth putting energy to. We have all been told that our dreams are impossible.

With the Ace of Wands in Reverse we are being given a very clear sign that if we are going to get anywhere with any of our hopes, dreams and goals we are in need of a paradigm shift. It is time to make some changes to our daily habits. We need to focus on what is important to us.

Now with all changes there is resistance. The internal resistance is our mind rewiring our neural pathways. This can take 14 -40 days dependent on how deeply engrained a thought pattern is and how dedicated one is to making the changes necessary to reconstruct an entire thought pattern. Sometimes when we are rewiring a portion of our mind to accept a new idea we come up against triggers, what I call “the Nasties.”

My personal Nasties are the negative and demoralizing thoughts that refuse to budge. They are thought patterns that are very destructive both psychologically and energetically.  Each Nastie is a deeply seeded pattern that at one point served a purpose but now demoralizes and attempts to keep us in a rut.  The most damaging Nastie I have personally faced was the one that wanted me to end my life. I still face this Nastie once and a while but self-mutilation and suicide are something I am certain I want nothing to do with.

When we face our fears head on, we find our courage, and focus follows shortly.

So how do we deal with the fears that are all around us, both the personal fear and the fear others bleed onto and into us? We embrace question; easy questions, hard questions, questions with answers of 42.  We write down our questions and look at them a week or two later and try to answer them. We ask questions that take decades to answer and keep attempting to answer them daily. We seek out answers to every question, in the hope that with each question we ask we get to ask a hundred more questions and get to know ourselves better.


Are we afraid of ourselves because of the people around us?

Do we wallow in fear because we are afraid of who we will become if we embrace change?

What changes in thinking do we need to make to accomplish our personal missions?

What fears are holding us back from accomplishing our desires?

What if every person faced their fears and lived a life of abundant bliss, with peace and personal integrity, can you imagine that world?



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