The Cracker Bush

THE CRACKER BUSHHello My beautiful siblings.I am in the process of manifesting the resources to buy this beautiful peace of land in the mountains of Colorado. I plan to turn it into a retreat for artists and anyone who needs time out in the woods to heal. I am hoping that it will be a home, a place of love and growth for 20 teenage foster children. The kids will have every advantage that we can come up with to help them achieve their dreamsI need to raise 1.4 million dollars to buy the land, pay the first years taxes, and set up the basic infrastructure. The nonprofit will run a summer camp for under privileged youth, we will welcome 20 teens in foster care to live there full time and include a charter school for the teens to learn life skills as well as prepare them for college or entrepreneurship. We hope that the teens will enjoy earning money over the summers, by planing, promoting and implementing a number of summer camps.It is my hope that the summer camps will include: a camp for special needs children, young children in the foster care system, teens in the foster care system, under privileged children and a few camps designed to raise money for the  teens running the camp. It is my hope that by the end of each summer each resident teen can travel to any country on the planet for two weeks, and have the spending money to really enjoy the trip.We will be hosting workshops ranging from parenting skills, medical advocacy, and art classes, to yoga  and metaphysics workshops.Our hope is that this will become a model for intentional communities around the globe and a model for intentional family building. Our hope is that each resident will leave with a trust fund in their name, to make it out in the world, and still have a place to come home too.The land has an amazing feel to it. The rocks, river and plants call to me at such a high vibration even the photos make me tear up with joy. When I walked part of the perimeter I found the land to be amazing. It is rough, and seems to have a wide variety of  topography suited to build on.If you would please send some energy my way so that the property continues to be available and the resources manifest in rapid order.If you would like to donate to the Foundation, there are a number of links below and a number of ways to donate. If you have a skill you would like to offer please email me at

via The Cracker Bush.


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