The card of the day – The Desert – The Silver Desert


Card of the Day.
The Desert
Contemplative word: Seeker
Symbolism: Shu, The One Who Rises Up
“Once I was Lost. Now I am Found.”
Essential Oils: Frankincense and Myrrh

The Seeker often thirsts so deeply for union with the One that they must set out on an Epic Journey that only they can take.

Alone, with faith as their solitary companion, the ascent toward wholeness finds them leaving all of their earthly belongings behind, rendering their soul naked to the elements of Truth.

With nothing left to shield them from the onslaught of the winds, the rains, the trembling, and the heat of the desert sands, they come to meet the One who did not hold their hand without, but the One who is the Eternal Light within.

They see the Truth of the Union with the One.

Daily Mantra: “Once I was Blind and now I see.”

Horoscope of Shu: January 26-February 24


When I read this card I am drawn to memories of a book. Gabrielle Roth wrote, “Maps to Ecstasy: Teachings of an Urban Shaman” in 1989, while it is an older book the information contained within is amazing. I have spent years dealing with one illness or another, and the description of the Silver Desert has helped me, get through.

“The first time I glimpsed the Silver Desert, I was nine years old. Eva took me there. She was my first spiritual teacher, though of course I didn’t realize it until long after. I was living with my parents near Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.
I’m playing with some friends in the street. We’re throwing ourselves recklessly into a large hedge on the side of the house. Suddenly an elderly woman bolts out of the house and scares away my friends, I stay, as my friends run off, mesmerized by her energy and…”

The state that she describes I found when I was a young child, rediscovered as a young teen, lost again as chronic depression over came me. I have caught glimpses of this state of ecstasy in brief moments of orgasm, moments when I have let go and just allowed myself to dance and when by some miracle I have had the time and quiet house to do deep meditation.

The Silver Desert is a place where death is but a new beginning, where the different levels of existence meet and mesh. Some people can see this state, some walk in it constantly, some can hear this state, some just know it exists, some can feel it, while others have no concept of it at all.

When was the last time you were able to delve into the endless depths of your conscious and unconscious mind?

When did you last allow yourself a quite mind, a quiet location and a device free day?

Can you imagine a world where families and friends dined together every meal, where each person spent time withing their personal and internal castle, loving and growing?

What if we all lived and acted like death was an illusion and all life was a precious gift?desert_wasteland_by_Poly_Morph


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