An Uncomfortable Wildfire of Compassion

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Earlier this week I had a few very uncomfortable experiences with people that gave me a very tangible memory as to why my desire to see the Cracker Bush Foundation succeed. I spent 2 days at the Department of Human services to apply for emergency food stamps and medical coverage for my son. On day one I showed up about 10 am. When I finally made it to the front of the line to receptionist, I was told it would be a 6 hour wait and I might not even be seen. Okay I dropped off the paper work and left.

I tried to call my ride but they had an out of state phone so I couldn’t use the curtsy phone. I asked a number of other people to use their cell phone, and was refused. Most said that the had state phones and couldn’t call long distance. One man flat out refused, he said, “go get a job you bum.”

I spent the next hour waiting for my ride to show up. I approached by a young woman who just by appearance looked about 35 and like she had lived an incredibly hard life. She introduced herself and asked if I had a cigarette I would sell her. I don’t smoke, but we started to talk. The young lady was only 23. She had grown up in foster care and was stuck in the welfare system. Not only was she stuck but she had no clue how to use the system to get services, how to use the system to get out of the system, or that she could even get out of the system.

The next morning I was in and out of DHS in 3 hours. Before my ride showed up, I became utterly disgusted, I saw more employees of the state walking around in expensive designer clothes and walking out to their designer cars to grab something. Only to see the people who had come for help, be turned away, or wearing clothes so filled with holes that a good north wind would freeze their flesh and bones. I saw a mother, who was so over weight I feared for her life and health. Her child, about 5, I feared for his life, he, like his mother was glued to a smart phone, he walked right into the street without looking.

After I got home I went to buy groceries with hubby. When he stopped to put gas in the car, a young man in his late twenties cam up to hubby and asked if he wanted to buy his last cigarette. Hubby bought it and we gave him some of the food we just bought

What does this have to do with the success of the Cracker Bush Foundation?

Our society is decaying. We are seeing huge gaps in wealth, health, and just about every aspect of life. The Cracker Bush Community foundation is small and will only consistently impact about 20 kids a year, but the camps and workshops will impact so many more people. One of the core tenants and values that Cracker bush stands for is Compassion. Sadly Compassion seems to be dying… yet we see it when we open our eyes. Those with the least to give give the most, proportionately to what they have.

Intentional communities may be the way of the future, however will they have places to raise the poor and working poor out of the claws of poverty and the karmic debts they are still paying?

I’m hoping that Compassion will spread like wildfire, because we all need help and we all need others to care for us at various times in our lives.

Peace Love and Great Vibes,


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