The Card of the Day – Khnum: The Divine Potter



the Divine Potter,

“I am the master who makes.”

Contemplate “creator.”

Before you emerged from the darkness as Light, I knew you by name. I fashioned you in the image and likeness of love from the very clay of my being. You are my DIVINE CHILD, alive with the breath of Creation and I Love YOU.

Like the waters of the Nile, my blood streams across all life, uniting you, Me, and every living thing as one.

You are never, ever alone. I AM with you always and in all ways.

Mantra: “I AM alive with the breath of the creator. I am Loved beyond all earthly understanding.”


This morning I woke up in a pretty bad place. I was filled with hate, resentment and anger. I can honestly say that I have been in this head space for a few weeks. So many circumstances that my family has found ourselves in right now are trying and at best another crucible to temper and strengthen our grit and resolve. We woke up late. Missed the bus and spent more money on bus fare than I care to think about.

A lot of my subconscious fears are bubbling up and as they do I find myself acting out in ways that aren’t really in tune with where I’m wanting to be. On the 30 minute walk back from the bus stop I found my mind going to very dark places, hateful and negative voices ringing in my ears.

I started to talk to my “nasties” and countermanding each negative thought with a positive affirmation and a truth that negated the negative.  I heard myself say “I hate” over a dozen times before I caught the pattern. Love was the answer. I create my world filled with love.  Each hateful comment was met by a comment overflowing with love. As I walked I calmed down and started to hear the universe around me.

I started to notice beautiful flowers, people smiling and talking. I found a feather and many beautiful natural beads. I spent time listening to the breeze go through different trees. I had a apple fall directly in front of my path. I saw for the first time a private take one if you want Library box. I was greeted by crows, sunflowers and many  spiders. i got home hot tired and sweaty, but in a much better place.


The spider web of synapses that make up our neural pathways are a complex network. We each have this same type of network. The electrical current moves from memory to memory in-search of meaningful connections. Our emotions are huge tags that are like flashing neon signs that make us slowdown and look at the event. However, we can by pass these moments by letting them flow over our shoulders instead of hanging on to them.  We want strong positive emotions to be tagged to as many memories as we can possibly experience.

While many memories have subconscious triggers that we have yet to uncover, when we discover them we can over time work through the trigger and attach a positive meaning to it.

What is the most emotionally charged memory you have?

What is the most emotionally charged positive memory you have?

When was the last time you took a walk in nature?

How are you creating your reality?


This card is from the “Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Empowerment Deck”


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