The card of the day – Wadjet



Contemplate the Oracle.

“I am the Cobra Goddess and protector of Lower Egypt, I see what is not seen.”

From her starry origins in the Milky way, this divine protector of the Pharaoh, also known as the Lady of the Flame, helps us to see beyond our physical experiences and into the higher realities of our Soul Purpose and our divine avocation.

If the living flames of your passion have died down or you are in need of seeing a deeper meaning or purpose to your circumstances, call upon the powerful deity of the North. Wadjet, the cobra headed goddess of Lower Egypt, will serve to help you see beyond life’s illusions into the Divine Truth of the Matters at hand.10441412_823003854383949_7280696878418401060_n

Mantra: I see beyond the veil of the physical universe, and into the worlds of the Great Mystery. I SEE MY AUTHENTIC SELF.”c05d69f2cb34146554fbef50438679a9



by Denise Iwaniw


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