The Card of the Day – Thoth

Master Thoth


Contemplate Wisdom.

Creator and protector of The Emerald Tablets,

“All things are thoughts which the Creator Thinks.”

Thoth, the First Priest King of Atlantis, the Thrice Great Hermes, has come to remind you that as you think, so you create. Every word you speak, every thought you release or embrace, is written upon the tablets of Time, creating the BOOK OF YOUR LIFE.

Knowing that you are a child born of the light, how do you wish your life’s volume to be entitles? The Book of the Living or The Book of the Dead?

Choose your thoughts wisely and you choose to gain wisdom. Choose to live fluidly, as a living expression of the Universal Mind, and you choose to shine. Let your Light SHINE!

Mantra: “Like the Cosmos, my life is constantly changing in beautiful, measured ways.”



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