Card of the Day – Sobek



Contemplate power.

Sobek is the Lord of the waters, “I am the defender of the weak and the strength of the mild. I help the dead to see.”

Known as the God of Crocodiles, Sobek represents raw fierceness and the accountability that goes along with wielding our personal power in a responsible manner. He instills in us the Universal Principle that true strength comes from gentleness and selfless giving. Allow the indomitable strength of love to flow through your life like the mighty currents of the fertile Nile River. Come to know your Self and see the many Gifts that you have been given to share. Employ them as a source of goodness in the life of others. Step into your power! Let Spirit flow through you, in your own unique way.

Mantra “ I claim my power and share my gifts with the world.”

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