Card of the Day – Bastet


Contemplative word: Sensual
Symbolism: protector of perfumes
Thought: “I celebrate my senses through music and dance.”
Essential Oils: Catnip and Jasmine

Protector of the Pharo, Goddess of the Sun and Moon, Bastet, as she is known, is Lady of the East who invites you to experience the passion of being fully alive.
Human life can sometimes render us exhausted and feeling barren. This potent deity gives you permission, and in fact encourages you, to lighten up and dance with abandon, sing to the temple tops, and rejoice in the splendour of your sensual nature. Pamper yourself with perfumes and oils. Indulge!
Inviting you into her watery Temple of the Moon, Bastet Beckons you to dive in, explore and luxuriate in the pleasure that life offers.

Mantra:”I AM a sensual being. My passion for life is alive. I give Myself Permission to explore my watery depths.”

From : The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Empowerment Deck,


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