Card of the Day – Hall of Amenti


“Hall of Amenti”

Contemplate the word Reawaken.

Re-creation and “I live on.”

At the dawn of Creation your Light essence sprang forth from the harmonious expanse of Love and Light that has always been. Sent onwards beyond the hierarchy of the Angelic dimensions, past the limitless expanse of the brilliant cosmos and through the teaming rivers of life, your Soul incarnated on Earth.

You are being called to shed your old coat, to lay down the vestments that once served you. Each cloak that you have donned has served your Journey well. However, you have fallen asleep in your comfort of them.

Reawaken to see the world and your life with new eyes.

The time of slumber is over. The time to live is NOW.

Honor what has been. Rejoice in what is to come.

Mantra: “I was in the Beginning. I became. I live on.”


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