Resonance of Conscious Myth


What exactly does it mean to have someone read your past? What does it mean to have someone use divination to read your future? When these questions are answered, how does one present the mythology needed to express the universal energy being shared and experienced?

Our body of mythology is vast. With each language, person, story and food we experience, we discover an ever larger world. As we learn from the whole universe, the whole universe opens to us.

When the past is viewed by an intuitive, they are looking at the energetic patterns a person weakly emanates. That weak emanation is the actions and vibration of the past. Our past continues to effect the present, and the present experience can impact the events of the past. Each thought is a direct vibration that the universe experiences and expresses.

The future is a strange thing, it is very fluid. We all have the ability to manifest, or ask the universe to brings to us what we desire. The bad times that come into our life exist because they were attracted to us, by us. The wonderful times are the same. A reading that talks about the future, is a presentation of infinite options, condensed into a most likely to occur event because of the past energies attached to the question you asked. In essence when an intuitive feels your future, they sense your fears, your joys and the universe connected to an element that the reader is also connected to.

Conscious myths are the myths that you ascribe to. They are built on the social, emotional and physical experiences that we choose to live within. The stories we tell are the way we connect to the universe. When we take drugs, drink water, eat chocolate, connect to people that are around us or to the rest of our reality, we will find different meanings to each experience and each moment.

Fears are deeply based in our unconscious myths. These myths are based in stories, and events from our past. When one sits down and consciously examines our fears, the myths we were raised in, the myths we have chosen, and myths from beyond what we have personally touched, we discover new ways to see our fear and new ways to deal with our fears.

Each moment is a moment of innovative cognitive content. The content of that moment is the magnet that radiates through time.

How are you radiating to the universe?

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