Card of the Day – Osiris – Rethought – Addiction and delving into wholeness



The Contemplative word : Immortality

Symbolism: King of the Underworld

“I am the living and eternal Spirit of Man, enclosed in flesh and bone.”

Essential Oils: Juniper Berries and Pine Nuts

Awaken and Arise from your Tomb!

The time has come to rise above the confines of the endless worries, unfounded fears and senseless agitations that have caused death to the realization of your Highest potential. Remember that you are alive wit the infinite and loving fire or Ra!

Employ Osiris and your guardian Angels to call back to your Soul all parts of your Divine Nature that you have given away or lost to harmful situations, toxic people, and false perceptions or to lack of faith that you have in yourself.

Rejoice in the ascension and wholeness of your inner Sun and Shine.

Daily Mantra : “I greet this new day, knowing that I AM one with the source of Eternal Love. My Spirit is whole and Healthy.”

March 27- April 25 : The month of OSIRIS


Okay, so This card was pulled a few days ago.

I have found that recently I have been in a strange place. I’m coming up against my personal addictions, fears and feelings of lack. I’ve been dealing with the darker aspects of my personality. The addictive part that grasps and holds onto what is not that great for me. I have found myself metaphorically grasping for air as I go through the withdrawal symptoms of sexual addiction. I recently spent a number of months with a very active lover, that aspect of the relationship has ended and now I’m feeling the acute symptoms of withdrawal. Intense cravings, depression, weight gain, hormone imbalance, chills, irritability and anger to name a few.

I know that many people don’t consider this a “real” addiction but then again there are people who deny the Holocaust and global warming too. Now in the last few weeks I have learned a great deal: Chocolate only does so much, I need to exercise more to make up for the lack of movement, Insomnia suck, warm bodies can not be replaced with a heating pad, physically masturbation means nothing to me, when i don’t have sex my back and joints get really stiff (even when I do yoga and dance)  and abstinence is definitely not for me.  That said, I have also learned that my body needs to have regular sexual escapades to stay healthy. While I miss the intimacy of my last lover, once I finish this period of abstinence I can and will take on a new lover, hopefully one with less drama and just as caring.

Now I wake up and move forward.


What are you holding on to?

What toxic situation or habit would you like to let go of?

What actions do you need to take to let go and love more?


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