The Card of The Day – The River Nile,


The waters of life and the spine of Egypt, “Spirit carries me.”

All along her lush and heaving banks, rise the Temples of eternal wisdom.

The knowledge of the Sun, the Moon, the Winds, and the Stars are alive and moving fluidly upon her waters. She Nourishes the very life of Creation.

She calls you to acknowledge your Inner Temple and to feel the stream of divine energy that flows up and down upon the meridians of your being. Experience you life force energy. Know that the source of this divine energy is that of the One Source, It courses through your body just as the Milky Way courses through the night sky, creating a bridge from Heaven to Earth.

Allow yourself to feel and to experience the depth and beauty of life. Go with the Divine Flow.

Mantra: “ I feel the divine flow of the Spirit within me. I am in the Flow of Life.”


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