Card of the Day – XIX – Sun


XIX – Sun

The Sun symbolizes the law of life.

Be alive, animate and activate. Like the youthful King Tutankhamen, who represents the morning sun, you are awake. Your mind is alert, your body light and your heart sunny. Your spirit soars and your golden fortunes grow. Be a full participant in the dance of life.

Like the radiant sun, you have great power and influence. Awaken others by emanating your own vitality. Through your creative energy, you rejuvenate and energize. You are the life force.

Like the sociable and activate sun, join with others in work and play. By combining your energy with that of others, you create a new sun, a synergistic fireball and that produces new life force.

The shadow side or negative side of the Sun: Your outgoing worldly nature leads you to ignore your inner self. In the heat of life, you may forget to reflect inward, to rest and be still. Blinded by your fire power and consumed with inflamed hyperactivity, you dissipate your energies and either burn out or burn others out.

Voyager Tarot : Intuition Cards for the 21st Century

James Wanless, Ph.D

Artist Ken Knutson


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