The Phoenix of Universal Love


The beauty of a phoenix is that it is never truly gone, and like a phoenix, cultures rise from the ashes of the fallen. Each culture retains the memories of the last, in this, myths and legends are born.

It appears that as a collective, the healers and teachers of the world are in the process of rising from the ashes of the last 150 years, rising from cultures thousands of years old.

We as a culture are choosing to teach from the heart and have begun teaching love. We are choosing to teach the vibration of  unconditional love.

Love is a gift,  not just to or for humanity but to and  for all existence.

Love is the way of all life, all existence.

In the memories of the I AM we all breathe love, we all cry love, we all dream love, we are the universal unconditional expression of love.

Many of us have trouble accepting this.

What would the world be like IF we all accepted Love as freely as we accepted love?

What would the universe experience if we all chose to live in a state of free flowing love?

When will we all choose to live in a world filled with unconditional harmonious and universal Love?



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