Card of the Day – Sage of Worlds – Master


Through experience you have mastered your craft. Because you know how the wheels turn in your world and the world, you have mastered the wheel of fortune. As the master of your art, you see your reflection in your work. Preform your trade and and fulfill your responsibilities impeccably. Use your worldly life to cultivate your inner character. Engage in “Right Livelihood” of living healthy, wealthy, happy and holy.

Through your knowledge and the quality of your efforts, you achieve power and status, symbolized by the crown and elk horns. Though king of the mountain, nevertheless be humble, modest, and share your wealth. As one who is fully established, relax in your work, play at it and enjoy it. Take time out to pursue your hobbies, get energized, be with your friends and follow your spiritual path.

Voyager Tarot : Intuition Cards for the 21st Century

James Wanless, Ph.D.

Artist Ken Knutson


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