Card of the Day – XVII – Star

XVII - Star

XVII – Star

The Star symbolizes the law of Luminosity. Shine like a star. You are the light. Self-esteem comes with recognizing the star that you are. Self-recognition brings attainment. You are seen as a star by others by acknowledging your own star quality.

Standing in the star shower, receive inspiration from the heavens. Your head is in the stars. Follow thoughts that are lofty, imaginative, progressive and inspiring. You are a guiding light to others, a way-shower. Help others reach their star.

The star is symbolized by Kuan Yin who, like the Aquarius water-bearer, is a servant of the universe. With compassion, pour out your life-giving waters and radiate your light into the darkness to nourish and nurture the dry, barren and needy.

The shadow or negative side of the Star:Like the star you are beautiful. Make this world a more beautiful place. In not seeing your beauty, your starlight is distant and cold. You are spaced out, too far removed from your light to help yourself and others.

Voyager Tarot : Intuition Cards for the 21st Century

James Wanless, Ph.D.

Artist Ken Knutson


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