Card of the Day – Sage of Wands – Seer

Sage of Wands

Sage of Wands – Seer

You are a sage. You have seen the light. Like the priest, monk, sadhu, kahuna, priestess, and shaman, you have seen your mortality and immortality. Unafraid of death, you become the eternal flame, the firelight that guides others in their evolution to higher consciousness.

Your mastery of spiritual art or discipline empowers you through energy, perspectivity, character, and purity to awaken and enlighten (Zen calligrapher – enlightening power of words; Tibetan chanter – power of sound; Hindu sadhu – power of meditation; Hawaiian seer – power of vision; Shaman – healing power; Greek Orthodox priest – power of symbol and ritual). Share your wisdom and your gifts using the tools and processes that work for you.

Voyager Tarot : Intuition Cards for the 21st Century

James Wanless, Ph.D.

Artist Ken Knutson


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