Card readings to raise funds for a work truck


I will be doing $5, $10, $15, $20 , $25 and $100 tarot card readings to raise funds for a new work vehicle.

The five dollar readings will be one card draws. The ten dollar readings are for a three card spread to answer a single question. The Fifteen dollar reading will be a past present future reading. Up to 6 cards. The twenty dollar reading is the love reading. It is a 14 card spread. The universal reading is $25. It is up to the universe to share what you need to know right now. I am also doing my $100 it is a very very detailed 10 card spread. It tells you a story and shares the universes thoughts on what you chose to do in this lifetime. It includes a 3 page write up and pictures. Any additional information I get will be shared as well.

Purpose: Raise $3000 by Wednesday 6/24/2015 (update we have until 6-30-2015 to raise as much as we can) to buy a running 4×4 work truck. We found the perfect truck. My husband and I are working construction.


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