Go Brush Your Teeth…

SO I just got done at the dentist and had yet another tooth pulled.

I combo of bag genetics and repetitive head slams from my kiddo.

So now for the public service announcement…

Why good dental care is important…
When you don’t brush your teeth you get cavities.
When you get cavities you are in pain.
The longer you have a cavity the worse it gets, the worse the pain gets.
As a cavity gets worse it gets infected and can abscess.
When a filling pops out, it can abscess.
If a root canal is done improperly, it can abscess
When a tooth abscesses the tooth can break making it hard to eat.
When a tooth abscesses but does not break it causes an infection that will drive you crazy.

People die of these infections.
People die from dental problems.
8000 people die in the USA alone from dental issues.

Go Brush Your Teeth…




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