The Animal Totem Nerd – an Interview

Jeannie Vos

The Animal Totem Nerd

An Interview By: My Higher Education of Life

Written By: Stephanie Williams-McKnight


“I respect the gift I have been given from Spirit and I don’t take it lightly. I don’t..?

I honor it. I honor it every single day.

I’m thankful and use integrity.”

Jeannie Vos is an amazingly gifted intuitive. I had a blast talking to her by phone. I found myself saying awesome, amazing, and wow a lot. She also surprised me a few times. Her business is called Animal Communications Sacred Voices.

Jeannie’s adventure began with the deep connection between a filly, a baby horse, fast asleep on her shoulder and a childhood spent outdoors, exploring ecology, searching for salamanders and polliwogs, and just being a kid.

Her journey continued, unaware that animals were communicating with her. When she learned to meditate during her reiki attunement, Jeannie discovered her affinity with animal spirit guides.

During her final “test” with her reiki instructor, she began to open the energetic pathways of her instructors’ crown chakra and when she closed her eyes many animals started to enter the room. Each chakra brought forth new animals. Jeannie’s Reiki Master, a shaman, knew about and confirmed the totem animals Jeannie saw.

The next step on her journey led her to a small metaphysics shop in Muskegon Michigan. A woman came into the shop and asked Jeannie to connect with the woman’s sick dog. At that point in her path Jeannie had seen and spoken to pets that had walked on, crossed over relatives and many many animal guides.

Jeannie: Was your puppy recently at the vet? With your husband?

The Client: Right now. They’re at the vet right now. Can you tell me what’s wrong with him?

Jeannie: I don’t know if I can but I will try.

On Jeannie’s psychic screen she asked the puppy what was wrong and it showed her an empty water dish. The woman confirmed that the puppy was getting less water. At the end of the session Jeannie, being herself said, “ Thank you, I didn’t know I could do that.”

Jeannie has a really cool Facebook page where students of animal communications can practice, learn and ask questions. She opened it as a place where she could practice. She did about a hundred readings before she felt comfortable enough to read for something in return.

For the last 20 years she has been worked from home doing medical transcription which surprised me, I think I was silent for about 30 seconds, while I processed that little factoid. This one piece of information helped me quite a bit. I am unbelievably grateful.

One of the projects that I am really excited to see is the book that Jeannie is considering writing. One of the prominent features that she may put in it is her experiences at Howling Timbers Animal Sanctuary. To me were the most profound of many defining moments.The potent stories she told about her time there included the presence of a Native Spirit Guide at the Sanctuary and about the wolves dancing in the smoke of sacred sage.

Overall I learned some amazing things. But I have to admit My favorite question had to do with a personal experience. I asked Jeannie about mythical creatures, and how she would explain them to a person who thought it was just a fairy-tale. She used Unicorn as an example. In the Christian bible there are many references to the unicorn. Jeannie postulated that psychics and prophets of that time could see the beautiful creatures. When a creature from myth visits Jeannie she said “I have no reason to doubt what I’m being shown by these animals.” She had some really cool reasons too. But you will have to ask her those yourself.


 “Animal Totem Readings fundraiser for a local no-kill wild and exotic animal sanctuary called Howling Timbers Animal Sanctuary. Their goal is to provide life-long sanctuary to wolves, wolf-dogs, and exotic animals that have been neglected, abused, abandoned or relinquished by their previous owner. They house around 40 wolves.”

~ $25 each ~ $10 donation made to Howling Timbers Animal Sanctuary

~ Meet 4 Birth Animal Totems

~ Meet 4 Animal Helper Totems

~ Totem Numerology Reading

Payment: Please use PayPal –

The Fundraiser ends 6/30/2015


Vocabulary I learned.

Open ended language


animal totem

teacher in ASL

Unicorn written mythological reference: Numbers 23:22, Numbers 24:8, Job 39:9, Job 39:10, Psalms 29:6, Psalms 92:10, Deuteronomy 33:17, Paslms 22:21, Isaiah 34:7

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