The Tattoo – a poem

8 feathers dream catcher

Eight feathers fall from the catcher of dreams
four braids of gold and silver wrap the hoop,
sweat, blood and tears adorn the sinew.

Each feather holds an amulet of existence,
each plait a marriage to show the bounds of life,
sweat, blood, memories and tears.

Never to be caught within the band
the banshees screams were called too soon,
two feathers drip with fallen tears.

The sticky web within the halo binds
tight the nightmares of lives cut too short
while hopes and dreams  alight of lives well lived.

A charm of hope that dreams may live,
while nightmares stay at bay,
our siblings are a blessed lot,
they know not what we say.

In hope their dreams may be realized
a talisman to wear.

Forever immortalized on living skin
a spiders web of dreams to bare.


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