The Flower of Life – The Card of the Day


Your card is The Flower of Life.


The divine matrix of creation, “I am”

Your human body is Light made manifest in flesh.

Your very essence is a precious facet of the One Light that shone brightly from the beginning, became, and continues to shine throughout the vast Cosmos.

You have always been. You will always be.

Your life, like a thread of light in a sacred and ancient tapestry weaving, contributes to the overall tapestry of life. Your life and its messages matters.

You were woven by the Mother. You were created from love.

Your soul is eternal, changing only in shape and form throughout the ages.

Your fragrance is that of immortal love of the creator brought forth from the Garden of Light.

Live without fear. Live with and live in Love.

Mantra: “I AM a unique and powerful force within the matrix of Life. I am eternally creating and being created.”


I would like to thank Denise Iwaniw from Star Nations Radio and Magazine , Balancing Heaven and Earth with Denise Iwaniw ,  and The Mystic Journey .

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