Guided meditation script for remembering difficult study topics

Find a comfortable position in a safe quiet location where you will not be disturbed.

Close your eyes.

Take a moment to calm your mind.

Become aware of your breath.
Take as deep a breath as you can,
Become of aware of the oxygen permeating your blood stream.

As you inhale feel your ribs expand.
Feel your body relax.

Inhale Deeply.
Let your shoulders drop as you exhale.

Breathe in.
Feel the tension melt away from your neck.

Breathe in again.
Feel the tension in your hands release.

Allow your mind to freely wonder through the memories of your study session.
As each memory passes through your consciousness, tag it to an emotion, event, image or person.
The more emotive the better.
Let each image pass after you tag it.
Using pushpins attach the tags to a bulletin board in your mind.

Reflect on the subject that is giving you the most difficulty.
What is the subject?
What emotional response does it trigger?
What images come to mind?

Using those images personify the topic.
Get to know the topic s a person, ask it questions.
What is your name?
What do you stand for?
Where do you want to go?
Where have you been?
What is your purpose?

Breathe deeply and ask,
What do you want me to know about you?

Breathe deeply.
Put this new person in the funniest place you can imagine.
Allow yourself to laugh.
Let the laughter permeate every cell of your body.

Take a deep breath, you will find the laughter has opened you up to a deeper understanding of the topic put you in a more receptive frame of mind.

Image the personification handing you a ball of red string.
One end of the string is tied to the little finger of the personification.
Take the ball and look at the builtin board.

As you look at the builtin board the personification turns into a slip of orange paper with a push pin and the red string is attached to it. The personifications name and the topic is written on the paper in blue ink. Find an open space on your builtin board and pin the paper to it.

Reflect on the personification as a subject.
What do you remember?

How does it relate to the most memorable of your tags?
Tie the string to that pin.
Move to the next pin that it relates to.
Ask what ever questions feel appropriate.
Double back as many times as you need to.
Find all of the connections.

Breathe deeply.
In this state of visual mind-mapping and mnemonics, you remember and catalog every fact needed to pass your test and remember the information for as long as you need to remember it.

Return your focus to your breath,
Focus on each intake and each exhale.
When you are ready, open your eyes and laugh.


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